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Hike/ Palos Colorados Trail Head – Joaquin Miller Park 40 Joaquin Miller Ct, Oakland, CA 94611

This is a great, completely shaded, hike in the Oakland hills of California. ‘Palos Colorados Trail’ is just one of the many ‘Joaquin Miller Park’ Trails. Palos Colorados you can hike round trip about 3 miles along the Palo Seco Creek, well the creek is at the bottom of the hill. (On my map below it’s the red line). With a 688 feet elevation gain. (Down hill on the way back). (Get the official Oakland Trails Map No bikes allowed. If you choose to go on a bike trail for part of it, continue on the the orange line (The Sinawik trail) going back on that one will also make you end up, up-hill.  Or just double back on the Palos Colorados like we did. I wasn’t looking to break a record, just get the body moving. I mention I was on a Keto Diet, I didn’t follow it in it’s entirely, I mostly changed many things in my diet and cut out the CARBS and sugar and lost 30 pounds. The coconut Oil I speak of was MTC Oil, here’s a link. You have to have ‘good fat’ in your diet. Avocado everyday and MTC Oil (Coconut Oil).  I Have it everyday in my coffee. I also get it from Vitacost about $14.00 where it retails $23.00 as well as many of my Vitamin products. (Free shipping when you  reach a certain amount). I feel great! 30 days before my next birthday I was determined to change my life in every way. You really see results fast with Keto with just a few changes.  I also changed my beer, (your really not supposed to drink beer but I know having one 2/3rd less carbs also played a big factor). I did many other things that contribute to anti aging like nuts, berries, etc. At some point I’ll get more into it. Like I found on a rock; “What you are not changing, you are choosing”. I don’t want to be like the rock!

Keto Diet-MTC-Oil
Keto Diet-MTC-Oil

Any way, I mention a very ‘old metal pipe’ in the video turns out, they are remnants from an old water delivery system that fed the neighborhoods below Joaquin Miller Park from a reservoir that once occupied the meadow inside the park. So, no, it’s not for Gold mining as I thought, that I know of. If you look closely though you can tell it was made a long-long time ago.

The hike has some good elevations for interesting views and exercise. It’s a narrow trail, with a big drop. The one we went on has no bikes, but you can make sort of a round trip and end up behind Monaghans Oakland if you chose to take the bike trail back. But you are always dealing with bicyclist. And to get back to your car, you will have to walk on the road. Unless you leave a car at Monaghans, then you can drive your friend back after you have lunch. Be cautious where you park, they tow cars around Monaghans! Anyway Have a great day, enjoy the trip.

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