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Mr Heater Buddy best indoor propane heater review, see how the safety feature that automatically shuts the gas off if it tips over!!

One of my Favorite Things: Mr Heater Buddy the best indoor propane heater for home, emergency kit and RV’s! Here is my review and demonstration how the safety features work when it gets knocked over in the video. If you get this, or any propane heater I would absolutely get the ‘Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector’! Make sure you read all the directions and potential hazards. 

Best is to consult the fire department about your space. You can hook it up to a larger tank, but go by the instructions and use only approved connectors and process! When in doubt shut the source of gas off. I love the 1lb option incase I fall asleep with the heater on.

I love the compactness, the reliability and the versatility. Make sure you only used the Mr Heater parts and recommendations and have the recommended ventilation. There is a safety feature that automatically shuts the gas off if it tips over or if its not lit like the the light goes out from the wind or something. If you ever read any direction in your life, read these ones!  Also, do a soap test so you know you have it properly attached and there are no leaks. There is not safety shut off at the tank connection. I also got the cover so I keep the unit clean when not using. It’s worth the investment. If not for camping and RVs, have it as an emergency backup. I had one 20 years and eventually it got clogged up for not covering it when not in use. Also non Mr Buddy parts can leach out oils that also clog the parts.

This is Pt1. Part 2 I will show the accessories for the Buddy. Check out the links below.

– Stacy Poulos Adventure Life Reporter @postcardTravelers

Proceed At Your Own Risk

Video Link

Most of these products are on My ‘Favorite things’ for ‘Campers RVs And Trailers’

Mr Heater Buddy

Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan (not a Mr Heater Product) But it’s great!

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Carry Bag 9BX

Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector, Battery Powered, Combination Smoke & CO Alarm, Voice Alert

Wall mounted FIRST ALERT Fire Extinguisher option. If you’re in a trailer you need a strap that will hold your unit while driving.

This is actually a great looking wall mount for a Fire Extinguisher

Coleman Propane Fuel, 16 oz, Propane Camping Cylinder (These will eventually be banned in California)

Get the refill option:
Flame King Refillable Kit

Flame King Refillable 1lb Empty Propane Cylinder Tank set of 4 (When you go through the Troubble of refilling these you want to do several at a time).

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