A Superb Stake & The Maltese Falcon At John’s Grill In San Francisco

A Superb Stake & The Maltese Falcon At John’s Grill In San Francisco
-By Stacy Poulos

John’s Grill
63 Ellis St., San Francisco, CA 94102
(between 4th St & Market St)
Neighborhood: Union Square
(415) 986-0069

When you’ve been around since 1908 you know someone has carried on the torch. After spending 3 day’s at a MacWorld convention I thought I’d treat myself to a great meal. As I walked down Powell Street I passed by an officer and said “I know you must know where a good place to eat a reasonably priced steak is around here”. He pointed right up the street to 120 Powell at ‘Tad’s Steak Restaurant’ and said you can get a good steak for around 15 buck’s (almost with a New York accent). So I went in that direction, before crossing Ellis St, being a good citizen looking both ways before I crossed the street, to my right ‘John’s Grill since 1908’ caught my eye. It rang a bell for me, so I thought I’d peek in and it was the home of the movie ‘The Maltese Falcon’. It’s a little more spendi for my budget. But as a filmmaker, I couldn’t help but want to sit in a room where Sam spade from the movie sat and be inspired by History. Why not spoil myself once in a while.

I will say, as frugal as I am, I have a very sophisticated pallet for a great quality steak. My mom spoiled us with her restaurant sized indoor grill and teated us to a good T-bone or New York steak once in a while. Not to mention, we got our meat from cows my step dad’s family had raised in Portland Oregon. So trust me, I know a good quality steak. I start out on a steak adventure very skeptical, that it will be near as good as what I have grown up to know. A great steak needs just salt and pepper. Sometimes a hint of butter and garlic.

Going in a fancy restaurant as a single female alone, isn’t always a nice greeting. I was pleasantly surprised all the way around. The first thing I thought about when they sat me down and brought me bread and butter, was the great tasting San Francisco sourdough bread (my best friend in Alabama makes me bring her a loaf when I visit). Most restaurants have this chewy bread. Even if it’s freshly made nothing compares to a SF sourdough bread crust. It has its own taste and texture. Even though there’s a “Sam Spade’s Chops (Broiled lamb chops)” on the menu, I had myself a nice Medium rare New York USDA Prime or Certified Black Angus, the finest available. Corn-fed in the Midwest, it is specially selected for the highest quality and naturally aged for maximum flavor and tenderness steak.  Yummy! Perfect flame broiled on the outside and rare on the inside. The flavor of the meat was superb, As I enjoyed live jazz filling the air.

33 bucks for the steak includes seasonal vegie, a baked potato and roaming around the unofficial museum of San Francisco’s rich History. On the walls are many famous people who have visited including the late Jack Lalanne who said my newest favorite quote “The worst thing you can do to your body is not use it”. I sat across from the 1984 Olympic Torch. You know they have to know someone to have that. It’s a different experience than going to a museum and observing, than actually sitting where films have inspired a part of your career. Before I left, I got my photo taken next to the Maltese Falcon and Emmy Award to inspire my next generation of filmmaking with a great meal underneath my belt and new technology to expand my horizon.

A Superb Stake & The Maltese Falcon At John’s Grill In San Francisco

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