Adventure is a life style. Follow me on this journey as I share my travel explorations, good and bad decisions, tips and gear. I look for adventures that encompass unique perspectives, eccentric people, places and  thrilling experiences. I like to travel light and with gear that crosses over from one sport to the other; from unintentional hazardous to just a simple hike. I’m eager to learn survival skills that prepare me for all occasions and conditions, such as, learning to ride motocross so I am not hindered by the limitations of myself, the off-road, or zombie apocalypse. I kayak to go where motor boats can’t; down rivers, over shipwrecks, under broken docks, whatever means to get me to the picture perfect postcard. Everything I do, is for the adventure that keeps me young at heart and these photographic moments that are my treasures. Be warned, I’m an explorer and somewhat of a rebel pirate. Proceed at your own risk. Look for my pop-up art shows that says it all.

-Stacy Poulos / Rebel Pirate / Filmmaker / Photographer  / Author ‘Life In A Nutshell’ 

I grew up relying on my intuition and my creative release as my daily bread. Photography, writing, faith and living in the moment have been my strongest passions. This is a compilation of moments on that journey. -Stacy Poulos Writer / Photographer / Filmmaker / Host cookieman

About Postcard Travelers
So what is “Postcard Travelers” I’ve always envisioned traveling the world and taking pictures at the tender age of 7. As I launched my journey into traveling the world to take fine art photography, I wrote about it and took video’s, today known as blogging and vlogging, I guess you can say I invented it. It wasn’t a ‘it’, it was a compelling desire to tell my story about my journey beyond photographing.

I have also been compelled to promote the people along my journey. What a gift to meet such special and unique people. If I can share that with a friend I will. Like, if you were going to the Santorini, Greece. I know a girl Flora that owns The Flower Hotel off the grid of all the popular Hotels, I would love to show you the way.  She would give you incite on what to do while your there and you would be supporting a local small business. I love that!  Those are the kind of things I look for. I love to give tips about gear, great restaurants, hot spots.

It’s a journey to find and explore the postcard picture perfect photograph.  Life speaks to me in so many way. I notice the fractals and movement. Sometimes I find dirty, rusted cracked paint a work of art. It’s all how you look at it.

My videos for Postcard Travelers are not polished, they are raw and of the moment is real. I laugh when I think of myself as a ‘Host’ but some places I go are too dangerous and uncharted. I can’t get people in my kayak twice. Because I scared them to death the first time being in the middle of nowhere. So I guess I have to tell the story because the one that was supposed to ran off when it got dangerous. I’m diverse in my fearless pursuit willing to ride  a scooter, motorcycle, dirtbike, hike, kayak what ever the medium of transportation to go to the place to get the shot. I’m your girl.  The selfie video production. Even-though I am a full on producer (Playback Video & Film Productions) for heir these videos are simply raw.  It’s been the wave of social media. Every famous bestselling travel author I have interviewed, wouldn’t risk their life like I do, or have the diversity to get on a motorcycle and in a kayak and explore uncharted waters. I don’t blame them. I’m sure they have been in danger many times, technically you can cover a story with out putting yourself in danger. Just going to the amazing places they have to do cover stories. Being in a different Country alone is dangerous. However, Postcard Travelers ‘Adventure’ Magazine is about the selfie experience in a adventure. Which means, from a personal perspective. I listen to nerds all day long about real experiences so I know what I’m up against when I get there.

More about my Photography

One time, while talking to a friend about photography, she said that her best friend went to “Harrr…vard” and majored in Photography. I replied, “well, I’m a junkyard photographer” and laughed. I wasn’t able to afford to develop film most the time, let alone go to school for it. But as long as I had a camera (even a used camera, which was always the case), film, a journal, a pen, and an excellent cup of coffee, I was rich. (I just couldn’t find my wallet.) Even in my poorest days of scraping up a buck, I always found a way to have these absolute essentials I couldn’t live without.

Sometimes it’s just how a subject is blessed or kissed by light that compels me to take a photo. It has always been the moment of my emotions and connection with my subjects that demanded my attention. It has always been my fascination with character and the little things in life that made me realize that capturing it on film was important, even at the age of 7. It was just a natural thing for me to do and share once I learned what cameras can do. I had a whole portfolio before the age of 12, not even realizing this might lead to a “career” (whatever that was). I was what I couldn’t spell or pronounce, as my step-dad always liked to remind me: a “Puttographer”. When I realized this, I always wondered when I would be “officially crowned” a “photographer”. The only official photography education I have had is a 2 week summer class my parents gave me as a gift when I turned 12, along with my own used 35mm CanonQL camera. I’ll never forget that day and the pink box it came in.

Oddly, 40+ years into being an award-winning “Puttographer” and filmmaker, I still pondered when the crowning was going to happen, I guess because photography is so personal to me. I wasn’t interested in the technology as much as capturing the moment to tell the story. It wasn’t until my trip to Europe in 2001, when I reached my goal of traveling the world and taking photos, did I finally realize that I had always been a photographer – from the day I felt it was necessary to capture the moment. I’m no Ansel Adams; then again, Ansel Adams is no Stacy Poulos either. That is what I had finally realized. The only thing truly valuable is “intimate value”; the rest is perceived value. It is my therapy and it uplifts my soul especially to share it with others. It is from my heart and the love of my work. It is my gift to the world and my appreciation that the world smiled back at me.

I have no particular photographic niche. I suppose my hallmark is my intimate observations. My photographs are not a perfect rendition of what the technology has to offer, nor is my writing a reflection of proper English. It’s finding the poetry, beauty, humor, character and sometimes the sadness in my journey. This is my core; this is how it all began. When you encounter my art, you are looking at a page in my personal journal. Enjoy. – Stacy Poulos

by stacy poulos