Important Travelers Gear by Stacy Poulos

Important Adventure products for moto & other travelers. Jump starter, Backpack-Duffel bag.

Important Travelers Gear by Stacy Poulos
Important Travelers Gear by Stacy Poulos
Adventure friends here are some great must have important travelers gear! Sorry about the motorcycle / travel hair! LOL Anyway I guess my bag is not water proof. It’s water resistant. I found links from my affiliates….
Watch the video I give you a tour of my products I use when riding. Use at your own risk. Consult professionals.

REI Duffel-backpack
REI Duffel-backpack Water resistant heavy duty tie down loops.
❤️ 🎒 Duffel Bag turns Backpack from REI Co-op Big Haul 60 Duffel 
I love mine! The straps can easily be tucked away. It offers great water protection but apparently is not waterproof as I said in the video. It’s a soft plastic like material. I don’t like that harder water proof plastic material, this gives more.  Most airlines require a piece of carry-on luggage to be no bigger than 45 linear inches (L + W + H) to meet carry-on size restrictions. This can vary check with your airline ahead of time. If you don’t fill it up, you  squeeze down . . . . those extra 5.4 inches. There are a lot of heavy duty loops on the sides for tie down hooks and / or ropes. I don’t buy bags anymore that aren’t water resistant. I also think it helps keep the bugs out. How every this lovely orange attracts them lol. But I had to have it, thanks mom! XOXO
iClever Jump Start thingie.
iClever Jump Start thingie.
❤️ 🏍️ 🔌 iClever Jump Start thingie. This was a life saver!! I had to jump my bike 4 times in one day! The bartender came out of the bar with this. Thank you! I think all businesses / every one should have one to help people. It also charges cell phones, laptops and ipads! Anyway I found it on Amazon. It shows a motorcycle 12 V. [PD 30W Input & Output] iClever 20000mAh Car Jump Starter (up to 8L gas or 6.5L diesel engine), Power Delivery 30W Power Bank with Dual USB 3.0 Quick Charging for Nintendo Switch and MacBook… on Amazon. PS the hard part was attaching the clamps, as usual!  Harley doesn’t give you room on the battery to grab the battery terminal. I just had someone hold it on it. (not exactly safe) MAKE SURE YOU CAN USE IT WITH YOUR BIKE! There is another way to jump start a battery on a motorcycle when I learn I’ll show you too.  
Other things 

Pocket Juice the best portable iPhone Charger
❤️ ❤️ 🔌 🔌 PocketJuice 2 and 3 out lets. 
This is a different Model. Mine is older. This one has a plug in thing, even better. I keep it with me all the time! It’s better to have one the size of you phone. I try never to leave with out it.


Carabiner Combination Lock
❤️ 🔒  Carabiner Combination Lock I made my own device with this adding the wire. It’s really to prevent people from cutting and running. I made the same thing when I went to Europe. I still have it, I just forgot the combination. 😎
cable do dads
Make your own lock with wire rope and do-dad thingies.
🔒 Make your own lock with wire rope and do-dad thingies. 
 Wire Rope Thimble / Loop-End Cable thingies. Here’s a kit. The size all need to be the same. And if you use the Master Lock Carabiner the thingie needs to fit the bottom loop. Technically you can make it any size and put it through the big loop. 
❤️ 🔒 Blah, blah blah. If you don’t want to go through all that bullshit you can have a pre-made one that is coated. Heavy Duty Black Combination Lock Cable | Best Security PIN Locking Chain.


Heavy Duty Black Combination Lock Cable

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