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Travelers Block Crooks! Protect your #Passport and Credit cards with this RFID Blocking Wallet. It prevents someone from reading your information, as fast as you can tap your RFID Credit Card at the coffee to pay, so can crooks unknowingly bump your wallet. In fact you don’t even have to touch it! Someone can walk close to you and read it with out you even knowing! I’ve put my chip in a reader and held the machine down with my other hand that holds may wallet and it read the one in my wallet, not the one I was using. Each RFID chip holds different information. It’s sad our government insists on giving up our info to every Tom Dick and Harry. Furthermore, I would absolutely never give up your home address again! Get a PO Box and buffer between you and the crooks. I get in a car accident with a hoodlum and we have to exchange addresses!!??? Sorry. Anyway, either get this RFID blocker or something like it to block readers. We need to press to our government make anyone who gives out our credit info, make them pay for the identity theft repercussions we have to go through. Go after businesses who send out CC Apps with our information on it to pay a fine. Anyway, here are a couple of options, a wallet, or slips you put your card in. Check out the video…

RFID Blocking Wallet
RFID Blocking Sleeves with images Get them on Amazon

Or Plane ones

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