Hiller Aviation Museum Live Video

Live at Hiller Aviation Museum By Stacy Poulos Postcard Travelers

Visit Hiller Aviation Museum 601 Skyway Rd, San Carlos, CA 94070 

(650) 654-0200

This is such a great place! Real airplanes hanging from the ceiling. Vintage airplanes and replicas  of the first airplanes including ones that never left the ground. In their words:  “The Hiller Aviation Museum engages the community in the human spirit of adventure, discovery and innovation. Through compelling exhibits and immersive programs, the museum provides a stimulating environment with multiple ways for public audiences to experience the adventure of aviation, its future promise and its history in California, and to use aviation as a gateway for exploring science, history and technology.” I’ll say! This place is great for kids and adults.  Check out my live mini tour video and bonus video flying inside a PT-17 in a Air show for the Tuskegee Airmen. PT-17 were there Trainer Planes. 

Hiller Aviation Museum Live Video
Live inside At Hiller Aviation Museum In San Carlos with Stacy Poulos PostcardTravelers

I have a lot of History with flying and I have a correction to make about this video, my grandfather George Stein worked for Hughes Aircraft where was one of the 3rd persons to fly over the Atlantic Ocean in the China Clipper (not 42nd as I stated in the video). He also worked on the Space Shuttle for NASA and engineered and modified old bomber aircraft planes so they can add new technology computers to them. His Company was Stein Engineering. At one point we had a wind tunnel built in our living room for NASA. As a child the 1st Airplane I flew in landed in the water; Catalina Seaplanes, I’m in love with them! Of course after I flew, in many commercial airplanes that landed on the ground. As a young adult I flew around Catalina Island in a Cessna 150 sword fish spotting, the Pilot let me take hold of the rains. Later I was one of the independent camera at the 1 Air Show Honoring the Tuskegee Airmen and interviewed the 1st Black Pilots of America and the 1st Black General of America Benjamin O. Davis Jr. Which also landed me to have the honor of Flying in the lead Airplane with the president of the Confederate Air force Milo Tichacek in his PT-17 (see the bonus video inside that flight!). Then I flew in the  nose of a B-25 Bomber the  gunner seat. Eventually upside down in a P-51 and a an old Beechcraft. I’ve also flown in the channel 5 helicopter, and a police helicopter. Whew! So as you can imagine I had the aviation bug all my life. Eventually I took a lesion with California Airways with Keith Amaro and got to fly over the Golden gate bridge in a Cessna 172! Basically; lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky …and lucky!!

KPIX Channel 5's Eye Witness News helicopter.
KPIX Channel 5’s Eye Witness News helicopter.

Stacy Poulos Live @ Hiller Aviation Museum by Stacy Poulos
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My 1st time flying a airplane with California Airways Photography services by Stacy Poulos ©2014
My 1st time flying a airplane with California Airways
Photography services by Stacy Poulos ©2014


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