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Yummy Kuju, best Travel Coffee Solution ✈️ ☕ ⛺ 🎥 | PostcardTravelers

Yummy coffee for travel. How to make the best Kuju Coffee @ REI https://alnk.to/hDijroP

Boil 8-12 oz of water

once boiling let it cool 30 seconds

Open up Tea bag anchor wings up over a cup, to stabilize the filter fold the anchors to look like wings. (Not mentioned in the video).

Tear open center and make a wide opening

Pour over hot water into the grounds. Careful water don’t spill all over. It’s ok if the bottom of the tea bad is immersed. This will make your coffee stronger.

When it’s cool enough to drink you are ready tp go.

Also available on Amazon. Video By #StacyPoulos @postcardtravelers

Product details: PREMIUM SINGLE ORIGIN PAPUA NEW GUINEA MAPLE SYRUP • RED OAK • DARK CHOCOLATE Be transported to a far away island with this classic coffee from Papua New Guinea, delicate sweetness complemented with flavors of red oak and dark chocolate. * Region: Eastern Highlands * Altitude: 4757 ft. 

On Amazon https://amzn.to/3oxzTko

REI Affiliate link Kuju Coffee https://alnk.to/hDijroP



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