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Insider Video Empty Streets Haiti’s Gas crisis

Insider Video at the near empty streets of Haiti’s Gas crisis. This is what it looks today by the people who actually live there, and how gas effects a community.  My brother is in Haiti 3 years now and lives where the video was taken.

Haiti Gas Crisis 2015 Photo HaitiXchange
Haiti Gas Crisis 2015 Photo HaitiXchange


In case the video is not showing here’s a link to it…
“A street view of Port-au-Prince during the gas strike on Monday, February 9, 2015. New rounds of transportations strikes have cripples Port-au-Prince yet again. People are protesting gas prices which are high despite despite low gas prices on the international market. This new round of strikes has been announced to show dissatisfaction with the Haitian government’s 20 Gourde decrease announced last week after the initial gas strikes. This time, I’ve decided to go out into the streets to take a look at how things were going.”
Map of area the video was taken.
This is how the news covers the crisis…
In the meantime. My brother has helped many people start their own business. If you go to the area support Minouche’s Cafe Bar / Resto.  All the charm of La Ganave. Haitian Women Owned & Operated. Of course the businesses on the Island should be effected with the crisis too. But they don’t have a lot of transportation there anyway.
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