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THE BEST Hoagie of Pennsylvania Sessano Cafe and Deli

Best Hoagie in Pennsylvania!
Best Hoagie in Pennsylvania! The Best Roasted Pork! Sessano Cafe & Deli (610) 270-9607 1840 Markley St. Norristown, PA 19401

THE BEST Hoagie of Pennsylvania!! Sessano Cafe and Deli

Sessano Cafe & Deli relocated make sure to get there fyi off their website…



THE BEST Hoagie of Pennsylvania!!

I went to 4 Hoagie places in Pennsylvania, some twice (two Lee Hoagie locations, and the Food Network’s famous ‘Pat’s’ and ‘Gino’s’) in Philly and hands down my last day, I wanted to go back to end my Pennsylvania eating experience here at Sessano Cafe and Deli. I recommend award winning Roast Pork sandwich with sweet peppers. They start slow roasting the meat 4 hours before they serve it. It’s run by a small Italian family.  The father; Santino Ciccaglione is from Central Italy out side of Roma and somehow landed in the odd small town called Norristown, PA.  The food is worth the trip. Don’t expect a fancy environment, it’s a deli style restaurant with seating and just good food, the atmosphere is your happy taste buds. Santino said he has shipped the sandwich to people out side the State, it’s REALLY that good!!! (I am personally plotting to get him drunk one night, hoping to have him spill the beans of how he makes it).   In the meantime, Santino,  my address is….

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