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OMG, OMG, OMG Junior travel vlogger, me, and master travel guru Rick Steves!

-Stacy Poulos Postcard Travelers Adventure Magazine  #thetravelchannel #lamontpr #selfie #taselfie #travel  #Travelandadventureshow and #ricksteves

OMG, OMG, OMG! Where do I start. Well for me I measure ‘my’ success, in the places I have gone. So when I sit and watch a guy like Rick Steve’s on TV, I can’t help but admire his life enriched by travel. I barley got through the door of the Travel and Adventure Show, and he walks up to ask a question. There I am, in the back of my mind thinking of my bucket list and Rick Steve’s name is on it of people to meet, dumbfounded on what to say to ‘the guy’ of travel. I introduce myself, tell him how I admire him and his show and ask if we can get a selfie. So the 6 foot somethin’ obliges, takes my cell phone to take the photo-since he had the longer arms. So there we were; Junior travel vlogger and master travel guru, THE guy. I didn’t know what hit me. That‘s how my day started at the show. Being in a place that everyone shared the same passion to travel, i.e. get the best out of life. Was something special. From Expeditions you can only dream to be on, to small town business associations presenting their towns unique adventure experience, from wine and dine, to white rapid adventures, rock climbing and many more. What a job to have, giving people an awakening of life. Experiences people will remember the rest of their life.

Anyway, it’s different to go here. You get the opportunity to meet some of the ground floor people and ask questions about the destinations you want to go by people who have been there. Travel celebrities, taste the foods of other cultures, see some entertainment. Some of my favorite exhibitors were, of course, Catalina Island Chamber Of Commerce (my people), Calaveras County visitors bureau and Cave and Mine Adventures. Which I have done and it’s bad ass, a bucket list must do. Travel and Adventure Show Rock climbing Pick-pocket proof pants, and many more. But my new best friend is Lorine… Alaska Marine Highway System to tour the Inside Passage ! 35 and 60 dollar ferry rides in the worlds most famous glacier park area! Trust me, I will be getting back to this subject and giving you the inside scoop. In the meantime get to the show, Sunday’s the last day in the SF Bay Area but there are other shows coming up in San Diego, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago and Dallas. Right now I’m tired from rock climbing next to some half pint that passed me up. Peace out for now. XOXO thanks for a great day!



-Stacy Poulos Postcard Travelers Adventure Magazine

#thetravelchannel #lamontpr #selfie #taselfie #travel

#Travelandadventureshow and #ricksteves

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