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Travel And Adventure Show A World Inside 1 Room by PostcardTravelers

They’re Back!

Travel And Adventure Show 2022 dates

Rick Steves' Greece: Athens and the Peloponnese

My favorite time of year again! The Most Exciting Travel Show Returns to the Bay Area and I will be there to get the scoop. Tickets are available on line or at the door. My mentor Rick Steve’s will be there to name a few. The interesting thing about going to expo events like these, is how excited you get when you’re surrounded by things you love. Who doesn’t love to travel?  This show is at the Santa Clara Convention Center but there all over the USA. Click on the book!  

SF / Bay Area: May 21-22, 2022 + Other locations and dates. 

Event Description; The Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show is where travel lovers come for travel inspiration, expert information and fun, cultural interaction. It’s where you’ll discover thousands of authentic travel experiences and speak directly to the travel experts who can get you there, give you the inside scoop, and save you money on exclusive travel deals.

Host, Rick Steves’ Europe, Samantha Brown, Travel Channel Host, and Pauline Frommer, Editorial Director of the Frommer’s Guides and Publisher.  

Or Pauline Formmer’s guides

Link to event http://travelshows.com

Stacy Poulos PostcardTravelers.com Adventure Magazine

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ON SALE!!! Shop REI Gregory back pack

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Tip: One Month to Live Author Patricia Schultz gives us 5 places to go. 

Sample booth:

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Bay Area Water Front



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