Tune in Live On the Radio …When you go places in the world, and you look through those postcards racks, I want you to think of me…

 StacyPoulos on ihear tRadio; WRNW1
Stacy Poulos on iheart Radio; WRNW1.

“When you go places in the world, and you look through those postcards racks, I want you to think of me.  The daydream of a 12 year old determined girl, staring at the rack with a used 35mm camera in her hand.  Dreaming about having her postcards on that rack someday. That was the seed that sparked the journey of PostcardTravelers.com and my career of film making” –Stacy Poulos

Tune in Tuesday March 10, 2015
4:36 PM Eastern / 1:36 PM Pacific
Atlanta’s Women Radio Network WRNW1 interviews PostcardTravelers Adventure Magazine’s Filmmaker / Photographer and Host Stacy Poulos about her dream life from childhood. (Also owner of Playback.net Video Film Multimedia and founder of Girlpages Network).

#WRNW1 is committed to empower female professionals as they navigate through the pathways to success.

(The recording will be available on this page after the show. )


“I love my job! It’s the most Stacy Poulos Photographyrewarding and fulfilling job I could ever imagine. I’m a great story teller, and I love when it all comes together, I levitate. When a client tells me their vision of what they want, I start a virtual walk through of it. It’s what I was born to do. Recently I finished a badass music video ‘The Stars’ By Sarah Smith. I love the song and was so honored to be the one to direct it. I listened to her ideas of what the song meant to her, coupled with being inspired by the song, and then movie magic. We connected as artists on a mission and she trusted in my process and ability. I told her story on film.  That’s what I do, one frame of photography, or lots of frames in a video. It’s an honor everyday to work with people and helping to realize their goals. In the end, I have a piece of art I can be proud of and I helped put something good out in the world.”

The Stars by Sarah Smith.

PostcardTraveler Adventure Magazine
Host: Photographer / Filmmaker Stacy Poulos
Author of ‘Life In A Nutshell’
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