Europe 2001-11 Brussels, Belgium hot spot Manikin Piss!

Belgium Brussels, Belgium

Date: Thu, 9 Aug. 2001 13:45 (PDT)
From: Stacy Poulos
Subject: Belgium, Euro 2001 Belgum 8_6_01
To: Group
We were only here to pick up a patch for my backpack and to see some hot spots including Manikin Piss. That’s right folks, Manikin Piss, as the legend goes was some little boy that peed on a bomb, putting out a fire and saving the town of Brussels.
So, my Nana (i.e. Grandma) had this statue of a kid peeing and I just thought it was one of those wird things she had. Anyway, in Brussels he was more famous than Oprah.
We had a Belgium waffle, great stuff. Then went on our merry way to our final destination, Paris.

Belgium ©2001 By Stacy Poulos
Belgium ©2001 By Stacy Poulos

The train ride was a challenge. We were especially warned about pick pockets in this area, so D & N went to the luggage room to watch their bags while I was left to watch the purses, conveniently located on the seats. I positioned myself so no one could sit behind me and I watched the purses. In the meantime this distract-er/decoy guy started talking to me in some foreign language asking me something trying to divert my attention in the opposite direction. I rudely said, I speak English, not wanting to deal with him because my keen instinct told me something was up. I turned my head back to the purses and a nice looking man in a pin stripped suite was walking off with Deana’s purse. I yelled at him and grasped at his coat, he dropped her bag and ran off the train. I would have kicked his ass and chased him off the train, but I was worried about the decoy guy getting my $3,000 camera, as well as our plane tickets. I looked back at my camera and Nachelle’s purse for the decoy guy but he ran off the train too thinking –this bitch is crazy. So I let him go, yelling for Deana, she strolls back thinking I’m yelling at her because she taking too long or something. In the meantime I’m hyped up and yelling at the train people for them making us move our bags in the first place. They felt bad and gave us a free cup of coffee. We made it to Belgium with everything.

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