Europe 2001-6 Mykonos, Greece, He said, you can walk every where, I’m thinkin’ what does he consider walking distance?

Serios, Greece ©2001 By Stacy Poulos
Serios, Greece ©2001 By Stacy Poulos

Mykonos, Greece

Date: Tue, 18 July 2001 01:55 (PDT)
From: Stacy Poulos
Subject: Mykonos, Greece, Eurorp
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Mykonos reminds me of the Catalina Island with the buildings butted up against a waterfront road. It’s like Roma where hotel owners try to get your business as you get off the train, here they try as you get off the boat. They all stand behind a gate hooping and hollering to all the tourist walking by. Most all of them have a presentation binder held open to a page of what their hotel looks like. Being the chief negotiator, D & N left this part up to me.

Mykonos, Greece
Mykonos, Greece

As one woman told us about her place, I told her we were on a limited budget and what we were willing to pay. One young man amongst twelve, stepped up to take my offer, as he showed me his place in his booklet. His father was waiting with a van to drive us. It’s right in town, and he said, you can walk every where, I’m thinkin’ what does he consider walking distance? A Paris block, a Switerland block (i.e. a country mile) a Roma Block? How do the Greek Islander’s measure. How big are their shrimp? We follow him to his van where two other men were trying to discourage us from going to his hotel. Not sure why, or who to trust. They were kind of obnoxious. I figured we had a better chance with the man and his son. He said air conditioning was available.

So we got our hotel, which turned out decent, it was clean, 4 beds, a dresser, a safe, the shower that stayed in one piece when you touched it (I checked). Well, it was a typical Greek shower where you had to hold up the shower head. I guess the whole point is to rinse. Turn off the water, lather, rinse, and get the hell out. Being on an Island, the water has to be rationed. I asked him about the air conditioning? He handed over a typical house fan, smile, ya know just a fan that spins around, of course for a few extra bucks. Humm.

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