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Europe 2001-9 Berlin, Germany; on the midnight train from Hell!

Westside Wall Berlin, Germany ©2001 By Stacy Poulos
Westside Wall Berlin, Germany ©2001 By Stacy Poulos

Berlin, Germany

Date: Sun, 29 July 2001 07:49 (PDT)
From: Stacy Poulos
Subject: Photos Europe
To: Group

We made it to Berlin on the midnight train from Hell. The first 2 hours I slept in a very narrow walkway against my back pack on the train with my feet on Deana’s backpack and some man`s head on the other side of my backpack. Eventually people cleared out of the over packed train and we had our own seating to sleep. Anyway it`¥s an experience a minute.
My cousin Greg was able to post a website that shows some of the photos from our trip. I don`¥t know if I will be able to get more on before I get back.
Hope you enjoy.


The German language is supposedly the most pure language from which all others came. To me it’s the most difficult one because the words are so long. Every time they say something it sounds like they are trying to say ka-ka (as in ka-ka and poo-poo) or some form of liver worst. I would image in a German dictionary the “K” section is the largest. I’m part German myself, and I have no desire to learn the language nor Greek for that matter. French on the other hand rolls off the tongue and “bologna sandwich” sounds like an elaborate French meal.

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