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Europe 2001-7 Venice, Italy Holy land of churches.

Venice, Italy

Italy ©2001 By Stacy Poulos
Italy ©2001 By Stacy Poulos
Venice, Italy Laundry ©2001 By Stacy Poulos
Venice, Italy Laundry ©2001 By Stacy Poulos

Today I saw a Catholic “Nun” walking around with Birkenstocks on (A kinda thong), and a “Priest” with Tivas on (a tennis shoe). Their modern day sandals I guess. Other than that they seem pretty official looking with their robes, black dress and Nun hat, all the way down to their Rosary beads. It’s funny how in this region where I believe “Religion”  originated, you can’t just go to church.

Venice, Italy Gondola ©2001 By Stacy Poulos
Venice, Italy Gondola ©2001 By Stacy Poulos

Most of them are closed. Today, 23 days later into my trip, around the Holy land of churches, was the first day I found one I could actually go into to pray that wasn’t a tourist trap. You can’t go too many blocks in Europe without running into a church. Maybe it’s my timing? Anyway, on my way to do laundry I found one that I could sit in and wasn’t bombarded with tourists or guarded, or you have to pay an entry fee!
When I went to light a candle for Joseph in Rome, the doors were locked closed, and we had to get on the bus, to get to our hotel, to get our stuff, to get on another bus, to get to the train, to get to a cab, to get on a plane, to get in another cab, to get on a boat, to get in a van, to get on a moped, to get to one that was open.

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