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Europe 2001-8 Munich, Germany and some, the first Nazi German concentration camp.

Munich, Germany

Date: Sun, 29 July 2001 07:16 (PDT)

Dakcow, Germany ©2001 By Stacy Poulos
Dakcow, Germany ©2001 By Stacy Poulos

From: Stacy Poulos
Subject: Munich, Germany and some, Euorope
To: Group
Miss me? : ) I don¥t have a lot of time to tell you all the wonderful stories and places we have gone. But tonight we have broken our “don¥t drink and do train rule.”

See, since we only had a few hours to kill before our train leaves, we decided to drink beer, instead of coke, it`¥s cheaper here in Germany. We are in Munich, Germany (Mun¥`ick) and broke another rule, staying away from subjects that we cannot agree on. Especially when we are all dropping eggs around here. Never the less, we are always finding out about the world around us, and about ourselves. What a wonderful difference.
I told the girls that we can either talk politics, religion, how much we love each other, or I can just drop a note to you all.
Here I am. Yesterday, we left Salzburg, Austria (Where The Sound Of Music was filmed in 1965) and two very wonderful men (Peter & Dick) who not only took care of us, told us stories, lots of stories, but also fed us real home cooked food. Both men are friends of my cousin Greg. Peter is a retired famous actor/singer and all around talented man. Dick is a flamboyant Famous Producer of Vegas type shows, as well as many others. He also has acted and worked with many famous people. So we had a relaxing, yet colorful experience learning about show biz, Austria, and Mary…the virgin Mary. They are both very loving and vibrant and we thoroughly enjoyed their company and stories.
Today we went to Dachau. Dachau was a Nazi German concentration camp, and the first one opened in Germany, 10 miles outside of Munich. It was very sad to know such human suffering went on and still goes on in other ways, in the US and around the World. It certainly made an impression on us, as well as made us realize how lucky we are. There are explicit pictures of the atrocities that went on, from human experiments, to suicides, to escape attempts, gas chambers, and photos of discarded people piled up on top of each other. We toured the insides of gas chamberes that once murdered hundreds of Jews at a time. Most people don’t know but Jews were not the only targets and many others suffered and died at the hands of the Nazi’s.
I have written a lot about my experiences and wish I can beam them to you, via my palm pilot. I haven`t written much since Santorini. There is so much to tell. When I wrote you from Roma I said I was on my way to the church to light a candle for Joseph… It was closed. Then I had to get on a bus, to get on a train, to get on a plane, to get on a boat, to get in a truck, to get to our hotel. Sooo..

Venice, Italy ©2001 By Stacy Poulos
Venice, Italy ©2001 By Stacy Poulos

I lit a candle in a church that was open at night in Mykonos, Greece, then we got in a truck, to get to a boat, to get in a cab, to get on a plane, to get on a bus, to get on a train, to get to Venice, Italy. And there I actually found a church that was open to pray, not for tourist attractions. There I lit a candle and said to Joseph, you finally made it to Italy.
My train will be here in 20 minutes and the girls are now probably franticly looking for me, so I must go.
We are on our way to Berlin, Germany and will get there tomorrow at 8 a.m., my favorite time of the morning to get up and pee, then go back to sleep.
Caio’ for now.

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