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Europe 2001-10 Amsterdam, Holland; Red lights and Magic Mushrooms.

Amsterdam, Holland

Date: Thu, 9 Aug. 2001 13:25 (PDT)
From: Stacy Poulos
Subject: America is not free..
To: Group
America is not free, Amsterdam is!
Freedom to be free. Whatever that may be. Love, drugs, prostitution, whatever.
It’s much different here. You can even have a really bad hairdo and be accepted. No one would even do a double take if you were smoking a joint or had a really bad hairdo. They wouldn’t even flinch if two men were making out on the street.
There are “Coffee Shops” all over town that you –can’t– buy a beer but you can buy grams of pot, Magic Mushrooms, Crystal; it’s on the freaking MENU! And legal! You want to buy sex, that’s another street. The Red Light District. Window shopping like you’ve never seen before.
BUT, in the mix of all this that has raised many questions in my head. There is this thing that is called “Free will” where you don’t have to partake in all this freedom.
You would think that with this much freedom, the town would be out of control. Its not. The people are nice as well as the town. It’s not any cleaner than Hayward, California. Or as corrupt as it is either. You can smoke a joint of Hashish, but you can’t illegally park your car or they will lock up your tires with huge gadgets.
Amsterdam is definitely an experience, what goes on in front of your face, is what goes on double at home. Don’t worry I have practiced my “free will” to sustain from all the wildness. ..for the most part, I especially didn’t do anything illegal.
Vincent Van Gosh lived here and we went to the Museum where they display his art. One evening we splurged on a candle light boat tour of the canals.
The bicycles has more right-of-way then the pedestrians and cars. In fact we all have had many close calls. Nachelle actually got hit or side swiped by one.
From the minute I learned they had a Sex Museum here I wanted to go. But fate keep me away for days, Nachelle and Deana even went before me.
If Deana’s grandpa is listening, he bought all us girls dinner in Italy, and I wanted to thank him. I’ll have to give him a big kiss when I get back.
We’ll my friends, I am tired and ready to goooooooo home.

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